The growing list of innovative services and solutions that Kairos Group provides includes:

Wireless Cost Reduction
Kairos Group's patented wireless cost reduction strategy lowers costs in the following three ways.  

  1. Reduce Taxes:  There are over 15,000 taxing jurisdictions with rates ranging from 6% to over 25%.  For companies who pool services and have devices deployed in multiple states, our recommendations include buying services in a fashion that takes advantage of devices deployed in locales where tax rates are lowest. 
  2. Reduce Per Unit Rate:  Our algorithms identify the right mix of plan types to ensure your cost per minute, kilobit, and text provides the lowest possible rates from your carrier for your usage requirements.
  3. Reduce Services Purchased:  Anyone can tell you to buy less, but few will GUARANTEE against overage charges.  If our recommendations include reducing the amount of services you buy, we will quote you a new monthly charge for your plan costs.  If your costs ever exceed the quoted amount, we will pay the difference, either out of our fee, or out of our pocket.

If your company has 200 or more corporate liable devices, please contact our office to arrange for a no cost analysis.

Federal Excise Tax Recovery
Kairos Group has been a pioneer in the fight to defeat the 3% Federal Excise Tax on long distance voice services. In fact, Kairos provided the lead case in a multi-billion dollar class action suit against the US government, which helped defeat this tax in 2006. We have represented more than 125 companies in the Fortune 2000 and have recovered over $40 million in tax refunds for our clients. To discuss how our experience can help your firm can recover this tax, please contact our office.

State Telecom Tax Recovery
Kairos Group also specializes in the recovery of "state" taxes on telecom services. There are literally hundreds of taxing agencies throughout the US that levy taxes on telecom services. Kairos has successfully recovered millions of tax dollars that have been incorrectly assessed. If your company spends more than $100,000 in telecom services in any one particular state, please call us to discuss potential recovery opportunities.

Telecom Audits
Telecom carriers continue to have notoriously poor billing systems. Gartner, Inc. estimates that corporate telecom invoices typically contain billing errors ranging from 5-8%. Instead of fixing the billing software, carriers have instituted "time limitations" on the recovery of billing errors. As a result, it is important to perform more frequent telecom audits to protect your company's interests. To learn more about how we can assist with your next telecom audit, please contact our office.

Local Telephone Service Consolidation
Many of our clients have local telephone services at hundreds of locations across the country. This creates many frustrations, such as: (1) multiple carrier relationships; (2) numerous points of contact at the carriers; (3) numerous invoices, often one per location; and (4) numerous billing formats. These frustrations can be eliminated with the nationwide consolidation of your local telephone service. If you have more than 50 locations nationwide, please call to discuss this solution.

Contract Negotiations
Kairos Group specializes in helping companies renegotiate telecom contracts, at any point during the term of a contract, without changing carriers. Kairos has successfully negotiated hundreds of contracts that have saved our clients more than $30 million. When we accept a contract negotiation engagement, our success rate is virtually 100%. Please contact our office for a free contract review.

Telecom Buying Consortium
Kairos Group can introduce your company to a unique buying consortium that includes: AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. This consortium, with an annual telecom spend of $150 million, has tremendous leverage with the carriers, and provides the following value propositions: (1) world-class rates; (2) contracts that are renegotiated and "marked" to the market annually; (3) minimal term and usage commitments; and (4) vendor flexibility, which allows companies the freedom to move services between carriers at any time. If your company's telecom budget is in excess of $250,000 per year, please contact us to discuss this unique opportunity.